Monday, May 4, 2009

Why do all my uTube videos appear slow and jerky?

Every time i try and watch a uTube video or a yahoo music video it always come up like in slow motion but jerky.

and nine times out of 10 it stops in the middle.

I have I Mb ADSL. I have a Mac G3 with a recenty updated Quick Time..... so whats the problem.

Why do all my uTube videos appear slow and jerky?
Hello ,

Allow the YouTube video to upload completely . Watch the red line horizontaly move to the right . That is the indicator of the download process . Once it stops , click the play button .
Reply:Watch them at 6 O'clock in the morning when the internet isn't so busy.

I would also suggest you make sure your computer isn't infested with data miners (though these are less of a problem on a Mac, they still exist) or something more sinister.

YouTube doesn't use your Quick Time; it has its own player.
Reply:Something else you can try is waiting a little for it to download a bit before you watch it.Drag the little slider back a bit and then you can watch it as it keeps on downloading.Another thing you can try is to keep your mouse moving around a bit on the screen.If there is no input by you youtube thinks theres nobody watching and stops the download until it knows someone is there.
Reply:Sounds like you need a some High Speed Internet. They range in various speeds and prices so they are more affordable now.
Reply:Could be your graphics card is not up to the job.Is sound also out of sync.
Reply:Your computer speed sucks.
Reply:your computer is too slow
Reply:Download speed, Obviously Tortoise Broadband or are you on dial-up?

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